Value of being a member

  • Being in a trade association where members have a reputation for supplying high quality, fit for purpose products, and high levels of service.
  • Being in a trade association whose companies are recognised as having the credibility and knowledge of supplying sterile barrier systems to the healthcare industry.
  • Being able to exchange experiences and information with fellow producers and suppliers.
  • Having the opportunity to put forward ideas and comments to bodies responsible for the forming of legislation and standards.
  • Having a common voice in lobbying.
  • Being part of an organisation which publishes papers and carries out projects on issues of common interest and benefit.
  • Having the capability to better promote the value of sterile barrier systems.
  • Being better able to develop and deliver educational packages, such as the correct procedures to be adopted to ensure that when SBS are removed at the point of use, sterility is not compromised.
  • Benefitting from SBA commissioned market studies which only members have access to.
  • Being able to better develop alliances with users and patient groups, and give assistance as appropriate.


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