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What is sterility, why is it important?

Sterilisation techniques used for medical devices. In the world of healthcare there is a continual reference to microorganisms or microbes. Microbes live in all parts of the biosphere where there is liquid water.

Sterilisation techniques for medical devices

Terminal sterilisation for medical devices can be achieved through a variety of technologies.  No single method offers the perfect sterilisation solution for every application.

Maintenance of sterility

The basis of an effective barrier to microbes is to ensure that it does not have openings that are large enough for microbes to pass through.

Healthcare procedures and sterile barrier systems

In order to maintain the sterility of a sterile medical device, it is important that the device is stored in its sterile barrier system in a clean, dry environment

What can I do to protect myself

The best defence is to stay informed, follow advice on hygiene, observe what is happening in a healthcare environment and don’t be afraid to ask questions.