How does the sterile barrier system (medical packaging) around a medical device contribute to the maintenance of sterility?

SyringewebpageThe basis of an effective barrier to microbes is to ensure that it does not have openings that are large enough for microbes to pass through. Human skin is considered a very effective barrier to microbes. However, it can be compromised. Skin that has a hole, such as a wound, is no longer effective as a barrier and microbes can enter the body through the wound.
A wide range of materials can be used to create an effective microbial barrier for a medical device. The packaging around medical devices is carefully designed so that it allows those devices to be sterilised, provides a microbial barrier and maintains sterility effectively up to the point of use. This type of packaging is known as a sterile barrier system. A sterile barrier system is an essential part of a sterile medical device. As with human skin, the sterility of a medical device will only be compromised when the pack is opened or damaged in some way.

The importance of  healthcare procedures in relation to sterile barrier systems